Go far "When I train at home, I wear running shoes to practice. It's more comfortable. If I could, I would do that in tournaments too." - Brooks Koepka  Taking a cu more
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A revolution for your game. Inspired by a running model, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour shoe offers unparalleled comfort and responsiveness. Thanks to the new innovative traction structure, you will get the grip you need to maximize the power of the swing.

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Go far

"When I train at home, I wear running shoes to practice. It's more comfortable. If I could, I would do that in tournaments too." - Brooks Koepka

Taking a cue from this consideration by one of the world's foremost golfers and the realization that PGA players average 510km per season, Nike designers have teamed up with Brooks to create a golf shoe unlike any other currently available on the market.


Designed for the green

Air Zoom Infinity Tour is much more than just a running shoe with spikes. We spent countless hours in the lab and on the court, testing and perfecting the shoe to make it perfect for golf, focusing on fit, gait and traction.

The fit is stable and balanced. The weather-resistant Flyknit upper stabilizes the foot to reduce movement within the shoe, yet offers the flexibility you need to give the swing momentum.


Comfort and responsiveness

“In terms of stance, for the first time in golf we have Zoom Strobel, an airbag directly under the foot that can transfer energy and create explosive power incredibly effectively,” says Matt Plumb, Product Lead.

The push, Matt explains, works similar to that exerted by basketball players when they load on their feet to jump higher. When you walk or swing in golf, your feet press into the shoe for energy. Zoom Strobel really returns that energy, for a faster swing and a more comfortable stride.


Surface control

"In swing, all energy comes from the ground. What is lost during the swing is all energy that can't get to the head of the club," says Shivan Bhan, Nike Sports Research Lab. Infinity Tour offers excellent traction. It keeps you firmly in contact with the ground and prevents any type of foot slipping, allowing you to impart more power to your swing.

Brooks loves the performance of the Infinity Tour as much as he appreciates its aesthetics.

"I think it's the best looking golf shoe I've ever seen," says Brooks. "Beautiful, comfortable, performing".

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